Aci marina Šimuni - island Pag

It is part of the Croatian marina chain called ACI (Adriatic Croatia International Club).

It is located in the western part of the island of Pag, in the Maun Channel. The northern entrance to Dalmatia is the last marina of the Kvarner island archipelago, from which it is convenient to organize sailing to the north, Istria and Opatija or to the south, Kornati and Šibenik.

Šimuni, a small tourist place is located on the southwest side of the island of Pag, and is exactly halfway between the towns of Novalja and Pag. Near Šimuni there is a world-famous destination of great entertainment, Zrće bay. It is an urban oasis of the summer club scene and the center of the fun life of young people from all over the world.

The island of Pag with its harsh views of the stone offers a different picture from other islands in the Adriatic Sea. Here the colors are different, the stone is more unusual, and the sun shines almost all year round.

Pag is rich in indigenous products such as Pag lace, the highest quality sea salt, and Pag cheese and lamb.


It is located west of Pag ribs. It is separated from the island of Pag by the Maun channel, which is 9 km long. It is not inhabited, but it is very interesting especially on the side facing the island of Pag. The Mauna submarine is home to one of the most beautiful species of coral, the gorgonia. It is ideal to visit because it offers beautiful depths for diving, enjoying the sea and beautiful silence.


Uninhabited island 7.1 km long. It is popular because of its underwater beauty. It is full of beautiful diving sites, caves full of different fish and plants.


The Adriatic king of sandy beaches has an irresistible charm. A real untouched paradise is the bay of Slatinica, where the sea is turquoise, and the unsurpassed view extends to the island of Pag and Velebit. There is no traffic on the island, it is sparsely populated, and the inhabitants of the island who live on the south side, in the only place on the island, apart from tourism, are engaged in agriculture, olive growing and livestock.


A small island of love where cars are forbidden. It hides beautiful bays and beaches, and is surrounded by the cleanest and bluest sea. Beautiful nature, rich history and beautiful silence are enough reasons to visit and enjoy it. Silba is an island that inspires with its 2570 hours of sunshine a year, wonderful climate, turquoise sea, beautiful beaches… it is the ideal choice for our all day sailing.